Click here Compression Paddles:
  • 18 x 24 cm whole-breast compression paddle (for normal breast)
  • 24 x 30 cm whole-breast compression paddle (for large breast)
  • 15 x 21cm small compression paddle (for small breast)
Click here Cleopatra Paddle is used for imaging the axillary tail in extended views
Click here Window Paddle with window cut-out & radio-opaque scale to aid needle localization
Click here Pyramid Paddle with hole pyramid pattern for needle localization
Click here Spot Compression Paddle for localized compression
Click here Optical Marker facilitayes visual indications of X & Y coordinates for needle localization
Click here Cassette Holder: BCassette holder accepts 24x30 cm cassette, SCassete holder accepts 18x24 cm cassette
Click here Grids: moving antiscatter grid for 18 x 24 cm cassette (SGrid) and for 24 x 30 cm cassette (BGrid)
Click here Magnification Tray used to enhance visualization of suspect clinical findinfs. It provides a firm platform for positioning the breast and for maintaining the proper geometry for 1.5x and 1.7x magnification
Click here Film Writing Device (FWD) records patient and exposure parameters directly onto X-ray film via computerized data link from the system computer.
Prerequisite: DIN standard cassette
Click here Label Printer prints out patient information and exposure parameters on to a label
Click here

Front Digital Display of compression force, compressed breast thickness and projection angle for convenient viewing from patient area. For Stereotactic Biopsy option, display of X,Y,Z coordinates and stroke margin

Click here The mobile Accessory cart provides convenient storage for accessories

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