Computerized Stereotactic Biopsy System For GLORY Mammography Unit

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  • Multi-lingual
  • Versatile unit for 360° lesion access
  • Simple set-up for instant screening-stereotaxis changeover
  • Advanced graphical based application for safe and simple guidance
  • Supports all commercially available biopsy guns and needles
  • Versatile software applications, meeting all clinical needs
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The fully computerized stereotactic biopsy system offers a non-surgical alternative for breast biopsy. It eliminates the need for a separate stereotaxis unit and expands the versatility of the existing mammography system. It can be used for core biopsy tissue sampling, FNA and preoperative wire localization. The system retains its original SID and geometry for improved lesion visualization and enlarged maneuvering space.
The system’s components include: the MAMMOGUIDE® robot, backlit digitizer with cursor device, hand control, a mobile cart and a dedicated collimator.


  • Step-by-step graphical guidance through the biopsy procedure for safe and simple operation
  • Coordinates verification routine
  • Use of SCOUT image for targeting to ease lesion identification
  • Automatic Core Biopsy Protocol for simple and fast management
  • Manual Core Biopsy Protocol provides simple solution for ‘hard to get’ lesions
  • Optimized Aspiration and Needle Localization application
  • Simple and fast needle management to ease maneuvering between aspiration and biopsy procedures
  • Integrated Master Exposure ControlTM protocol for optimized imaging quality
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Tube Angulation: ± 15° (independent of C-Arm position)
SID: 60 cm
Angulation Movement: Motorized
Collimation: Dedicated aperture
Biopsy Projections: 360°
Inage Size: 60 x 87 mm


Typical: X, Y direction < 0.5 mm
Z direction < 0.8 mm
Maximum (all directions): <1 mm
Using SCOUT image: X, Y direction < 1 mm (typical < 0.6 mm)
Z direction < 3 mm (typical < 1.5 mm)


Movement: Motorized (computer-controlled)
Movement Range: X = 50 mm,
Y = 40 mm,
Z = 130 mm
Needle Lengths: 60-160 mm
Needle Holder: Double with an expandable support
Needle Insert Sizes: Supports commercially available gauges


Needle Holder: Detachable and sterilizable
Compression Paddle: Detachable for ease of cleaning


System Control: PC-based system
C-Arm Movement Interlock: With breast compression
Needle movement interlock: With needle insertion
Operator Guidance: Multi-lingual
Front Digital Display: Target coordinates, stroke margin


Height, cm(in): 42 (16.5)
Width, cm (in): 35 (13.8)
Depth, cm (in): 33 (13)
Weight, kg (lb): 9.8 (21,6)

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