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Digital Stereotactic Biopsy Option
For GLORY Mammography Systems

  • The DIGIMAM stereotactic option offers a fast non-surgical alternative for breast biopsy.
  • DIGIMAM eliminates the need for a separate stereotactic unit and expands the versatility of the mammography system.
  • Performing in near real-time, DIGIMAM results in more accurate procedures with less patient discomfort.
  • Image enhancement, data manipulation and on-line data storage are just a few of the utilities contributing to enhanced image quality and expedited stereotactic procedures.
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  • Detector: CCD
  • Imaging Area: 5 x 5 cm
  • Matrix: 1024 x 1024 x 48....
  • Pixel Depth: 14 bits/pixel
  • Gray Shades: 16384
  • Resolution: 10 lp/mm
  • Acquisition and Display: <2.5 sec
    (2 sec typical)
  • Resident (Hard Disk): 20 GB (or higher), archiving approximately 9000 images
  • Non-Resident: 2 GB, archiving approximately 900 images (optional)
  • DICOM 3.0: ’Print’ and ‘Store’ (optional)
  • Type: PC /Pentium III (or higher)
  • Clock Speed: 700 MHz (or higher)
  • RAM Size: 256 MB
  • Hard Disk: 20 GB (or higher)
  • Monitor:Size- 21" color monitor
    Resolution - 1280 x 1024 x 8 bits /pixel
  • Accuracy:
        Typical -     X, Y direction <0.5 mm
                         Z direction <0.8 mm
        Maximum - <1 mm (all directions)
  • Needle lengths: 60 – 160 mm
  • Maintenance: Detachable and sterilizable needle holder
  • Zoom Factor:2x
  • Magnifying Glass: 2x, 4x
  • Contrast Enhancement: Brightness/Contrast
  • Image Invert: Black on white /white on black image
  • Profile: Displays the population for each gray scale value
  • Ruler: Measures the actual size in the image
  • Display Utilities: Zoom, Magnifying Glass,Ruler, Line Profile, Grid, Filters, Image Invert, Brightness/Contrast and Statistics


Stereotactic Application
  • Step-by-step graphical guidance, with on-line Help menus for simple and safe management
  • Computerized coordinates verification procedure
  • Use of SCOUT image for greater targeting flexibility
  • Automatic Core Biopsy Protocol for simple and fast management
  • Manual Core Biopsy Protocol for "hard-to-get" lesions
  • Fast and simple maneuvering between Needle Aspiration and Core Biopsy procedures
  • Integrated Automatic Exposure Control (AEC) protocol with pre-defined dose settings for optimized image quality
  • Versatile imaging utilities (Zoom, Magnifying Glass, Brightness/Contrast, Ruler, Filters, Line Profile, Grid, Statistics, Image Invert) for improved image display and lesion visualization
  • Fully compatible with standard Microsoft® Windows® printers for report printout
  • Microsoft® Access database contributes to efficient patient management
  • and fast data retrieval
  • Integrated viewer for "off-line" review of archived images
  • DICOM 3.0 featuring DICOM PRINT and DICOM STORE (optional)
  • Non-Resident Archiving for extended data capacity and backup storage (optional)
  • Backup Catalog registers backup information of all the data stored by the system