Cintec Medical Ltd., manufactures mammography and biopsy systems used for early detection of breast cancer.

A deep awareness of emerging market trends, an ongoing commitment to research and development, a continuing quest for quality, a shared sense of community with our customers, a dedication to service – these are the principles that have guided Cintec since its foundation.

Focusing on the needs of its users, research at Cintec is both dynamic and market-driven enabling us to respond rapidly to the changing requirements of mammography and of healthcare in general.

Our respect for quality is evident in every thing we do, every thing we make - from our meticulous manufacturing practices to the excellence of the images created on our equipment. We share a partnership with our customers, guided by the conviction that we are all working toward a common goal.

At Cintec, A PERFECT SHOT EVERY TIME and THE NO-RETAKES MAMMOGRAPHY SYSTEMS, are not only commercial slogans but a commitment to leading technology and innovations focused on increased image quality and product reliability.